August Kaggle Dataset Publishing Awards Winners’ Interview

August Kaggle Dataset Publishing Awards Winners' Interview

In August, over 350 new datasets were published on Kaggle, in part sparked by our $10,000 Datasets Publishing Award. This interview delves into the stories and background of August’s three winners–Ugo CupcicSudalai Rajkumar, and Colin Morris. They answer questions about what stirred them to create their winning datasets and kernel ideas they’d love to see other Kagglers explore.

You can find my interview here.

TV interview

I had the chance to be interviewed about my work at Shadow Robot by a French TV channel. This was made possible by working at a coworking space, yet another advantage of being a remotie!

Head over here to see the interview (you can skip to 13’30)

August Kaggle Dataset Publishing Awards Winners!

First Place, Grasping Dataset by Ugo Cupcic

Our team selected this dataset because it combines two exciting fields of research: robotics and deep learning. To learn more about the dataset, we loved Ugo’s excellent blog post “How I taught my robot to realize how bad it was at holding things” complementing the usage of Kaggle to make such a unique research-based dataset open and accessible to all.

You can find the announcement over here.